Lice Removal Service in Middletown Township. Serving all of Middletown Township and surrounding areas.

Lice Happens is the premier lice removal service in Middletown Township. Our lice treatment specialists not only screen and treat all family members for head lice but also provide training on how to prevent head lice infestations in the future. Lice Happens provides an effective, non-toxic method for manually removing head lice and nits.

If you’re interested in safe, all natural head lice treatment in your area, we’re ready to dispatch one of our certified, professional Lice Treatment Specialists to the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Lice Happens head lice treatment service in the North Jersey metropolitan area includes, but is not limited to the following locations. Lice Happens services all of New Jersey. Please call us at 973.727.8902 or email us at

Areas We Service

Union County Lice Removal

  • Berkeley Heights
  • Clark, NJ
  • Cranford, NJ
  • Elizabeth, NJ
  • Fanwood, NJ
  • Garwood, NJ
  • Kenilworth, NJ
  • Mountainside, NJ
  • New Providence
  • Roselle Park, NJ
  • Scotch Plains, NJ
  • Springfield, NJ
  • Summit, NJ
  • Union Township, NJ
  • Westfield, NJ

Middlesex County Lice Removal

  • Cranbury, NJ
  • Cranbury Township
  • East Brunswick, NJ
  • Edison, NJ
  • Highland Park, NJ
  • Metuchen, NJ
  • Milltown, NJ
  • Monroe Township
  • New Brunswick, NJ
  • North Brunswick
  • Old Bridge, NJ
  • Piscataway, NJ
  • Plainsboro, NJ
  • Sayerville, NJ
  • South Brunswick
  • Spotswood, NJ
  • Whittingham, NJ

Monmouth County Lice Removal

  • Allenhurst, NJ
  • Allentown, NJ
  • Asbury Park, NJ
  • Atlantic Highlands
  • Avon-by-the-Sea
  • Belmar, NJ
  • Bradley Beach, NJ
  • Brielle, NJ
  • Colts Neck Township
  • Deal, NJ
  • Fair Haven, NJ
  • Freehold, NJ
  • Holmdel Township
  • Howell Township, NJ
  • Interlaken, NJ
  • Little Silver, NJ
  • Long Branch, NJ
  • Manasquan, NJ
  • Matawan, NJ
  • Middletown Township, NJ
  • Millstone Township
  • Monmouth Beach
  • Red Bank, NJ
  • Rumson, NJ
  • Sea Bright, NJ
  • Sea Girt, NJ
  • Shrewsbury, NJ
  • Spring Lake, NJ
  • Tinton Falls, NJ

What We Do

Our lice treatment specialists efficiently and effectively remove the lice and nits. We use a comprehensive approach to our lice removal services, combining thorough, meticulous treatment to the hair removing lice and nits. Lice Happens mobile lice service professionals provide effective, safe manual removal of head lice and nits comfortably in the privacy of your own home. Our discreet head lice removal service provides the confidentiality and ease that a salon cannot. Our goal is to safely and effectively rid your family of head lice and get your life back to normal. All of our services are 100% guaranteed.

Discreet In-Home Service

Lice Happens professional mobile lice service provides effective and efficient head lice removal and treatment in the privacy of your own home. No dragging everyone to a salon! Our lice removal services are confidential and discreet.

If you live in the Middletown Township, NJ metropolitan area and need mobile lice removal services, call us today to schedule an appointment 973.727.8902.

Lice Removal North Central Jersey

Contact North Jersey Metro area Lice Treatment Specialist at 973.727.8902

Lice Treatment Specialist Audrey
You can also call us on our 24-hour LiceLine at 973.727.8902 or email us at for more information.

Head lice can be a nuisance.  Combine having a lice outbreak in your family with not knowing how to treat it and it can be a real pain that causes stress, anxiety, and frustration.  Try not to panic.  Lice Happens is here to help!  We’re a full service lice removal and treatment center that is mobile and ready to help you with your outbreak.  Our services are safe, 100% confidential, professional, and effective.

Our company was founded over 7 years ago by a former registered nurse and a former quality assurance professional.  These ladies saw lice infestations first hand and recognized how stressful the situation could be for a family.  Full of compassion for parents who were struggling to rid head lice from their children, these ladies formed Lice Happens.  They believed that no parent should have to go through something like this alone, trying to sort through a barrage of information that didn’t promise to be accurate, and dealing with toxic over-the-counter remedies that don’t work.  They saw a need for a mobile, educational, and safe alternative to handling a lice infestation.

Our motto is “no shame, no blame!”  Lice affect anywhere from six to 12 million people in the United States per year (according to the Centers for Disease Control).  It is impossible to pinpoint the origin of a lice infestation, but treating the outbreak quickly helps to stop the spread.  Children are the most susceptible to getting head lice because they have more frequent head-to-head contact with their peers than adults do.  Lice do not fly or jump, but they do crawl rapidly from head to head when in close enough contact.  Lice do not discriminate when finding a new host.  They do not care about hygiene, cleanliness, age, ethnicity, or gender.

Our lice specialists have a passion for helping families like yours.  They undergo extensive training to learn about head lice and how to effectively treat for them.  They also have experience treating young children for head lice and know how to use soothing methods to calm children during the entire treatment process, a practice that makes the treatments more comfortable for everyone involved.

When one of our specialists arrives at your home, he or she will be in a logo-free vehicle to help maintain your privacy.  Our mobile lice clinics come with everything we need to help eradicate your lice infestation.  We start by screening every member of the family for head lice.  Because lice do not discriminate, and not everyone displays the common symptoms of having head lice, this check is of the upmost importance.  It is likely that if one person in a family has head lice, others do too.  Our checks are manual and meticulous, but don’t take a lot of time.  While performing this screening service, the specialist will show you how to do it as well.  You’ll be taught what to look for during a screening as it can be easy to mistake dandruff, dirt, and hair products for lice eggs (nits).  We recommend that school aged children are screened regularly for head lice.  Once each host is identified, the specialist will begin treatments.

Our treatments are natural and safe.  They do not contain any pesticides and are safe for the environment.  They have no side effects and are safe for all ages and skin types.  We use only these safe methods, and will never use a toxic solution on you or your family.

The specialist will use a fine toothed metal lice comb to remove nits, young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair.  Another benefit to the treatment solutions we use is that they don’t block the view of what needs to be removed.  Some over-the-counter treatments make viewing nits, nymphs, and lice impossible.  Combing is one of the most important steps to ending the life cycle of lice and if all nits and lice are not removed they will continue to breed and spread.  While performing this removal service, the specialist will also show you how to use a metal lice comb for effective removal of nits and lice.  Follow up care is an important part of the process and you’ll have everything you need to provide this service to your family in the days after the initial treatment.

In addition to teaching screening and combing skills, we also provide families with important and factual education about head lice.  It’s easy to get caught up in misinformation online and there are a lot of myths that surround head lice.  We love setting the record straight.  During treatments, the specialist will teach you about head lice, what they are, who gets them, how they spread, hygiene, home care, and other topics.  We will never delay treatment times for which you are charged extra and this education comes standard with our services.  We will even provide your family with tips on how to prevent lice infestations from happening in the future.

Lice Happens is proud to offer comprehensive and effective lice removal and treatment services to families living in Middletown Township, New Jersey.  Middletown Township is located in Monmouth County, a county that is full of rich history.  Middletown Township is the 16th largest municipality in New Jersey and home to many great families.  This township has been repeatedly ranked as one of the 100 best places to live in the United States because of its low crime rates, affluence, culture, school system, and central location.  In 2016 it was ranked the fifth safest city in which to raise a child in the United States by SafeWise.

Lice Happens offers same day emergency services for the eradication of head lice as well as appointments 7 days a week.  We will never take advantage of you or your family during this stressful time.  We won’t try to up sell you with gimmicks or gadgets.  We will work hard to get you and your family back to normal as quickly and easily as possible.